5. Yoga Community

A heartfelt welcome to THE YOGA-CO-OP in Johanneburg to the YAA family!


We are thrilled to welcome Ainsley Roos of The Yoga-Co-Op to the Yoga Awakening Africa platform!!!


Ainsley has founded a special studio in Greenside, Johannesburg incorporating the principles of seva, all class fees are donation based, ahimsa, equal sharing between the teachers, and santosha,  in bringing the community together to share the joys of Yoga and adopting the idea of being content to share classes between studios. As the Yoga Co-Op describes:

“The Yoga Co-Op is a group of yogis who have come together to create something unique within the Jozi community. All class fees are donation-based. All the members of our co-op have an equal share in both the profits and the day-to-day runnings of the studio. 

We hope our studio’s ethos will ignite a sense of union that can be carried off the mat and into everyday life.”

Ainsley has created a wonderful idea of “Yoga Exchange”

The Basics
The Yoga Exchange will allow you to take classes (up to a maximum of 4 a month) at any other of the yoga studios taking part in the Yoga Exchange using your existing class cards / monthly packages.

How will it work?
You will need to pay an annual admin fee of R50 to join the Yoga Exchange. This is paid to your “Home” studio, the proceeds of which contribute towards discrepancies in fees between the various studios. Each month you will be issued with a Yoga Exchange Card which you need to take along to get signed / stamped at the visiting studio. At the end of the month, or on using up all 4 exchange classes, you hand your Yoga Exchange Card in to your Home studio to have the classes deducted from your package.

What is the purpose of the Yoga Exchange?
We want to put the “commune” into our Jozi yoga community :)
So the feeling behind the idea is to provide a platform for our travelling yogis to experience the joy of yoga in all its various styles and teachers, and also to build connections and friendships throughout the yoga network.

Studios In the Yoga Exchange
So far Living Yoga in The Colony (Craighall) is in the program.

We would love as many studios in the Jozi area as possible to take part in the Yoga Exchange. Please contact us if you would like to join!”

To inquire further about class schedules and further information please contact Ainsley on:

Tel: 083 415 5556

E-mail: Ainsley@yogaco-op.net