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Anja Maritz’s Blissful Kids: Yoga Adventures for Children:


An Interview with Nina Saacks

Dive into our part 2: interview with Anja Maritz, the heart and soul behind Blissful Kids in Cape Town!

Join us as she shares personal stories of teaching kids, unveiling the magic of self-reflection during yoga classes. Learn how she channels the boundless energy of little ones through fun animal dances, transforming excess energy into a serene state.

Discover her unique approach where yoga meets art, creating a beautiful gateway to mindfulness and stillness.

And finally prepare to be moved by touching moments, like a brave child with asthma finding solace in yoga, preventing an impending attack with newfound calmness.

And Anja’s anecdote about conservative school kids who find love for yoga, proving its universal appeal.

Let’s journey together through the inspiring world of kids’ yoga with Anja Maritz!

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