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Ashvini Mudra by Swami Vidyananda

As explained in the previous articles, prana leaks out through the openings of the body. During the practice of pranayama the mudras and bandhas are practised in order to close the openings and keep the prana in the body. One of the important bandhas that are practised is Mula Bandha. As a preparatory practice an […]

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1. Yoga Events

Jalandhara Bandha explained by Swami Vidyananda

As discussed in the previous article, mudras seal the openings of the body to retain prana and bandhas seal as well as direct the prana. Yoni Mudra seals the openings of the head. Jalandhara Bandha seals the opening of the throat. It is practised with kumbhaka on inhalation. After the inhalation hold the breath and […]

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