The Shala Cafe` ~ The Soul Food Cafe`in Gardens, Cape Town


The Shala Cafe is a plant-based, soul food cafe in Dunkley Square, Cape Town under the visionary guidance of chef, Filippa Harrington.


Their menu is seasonal, fresh and flexible – a tenet that allows then to opportuity to uplift local, small-scale farmers through buying their produce and closing the loop from farm to table.

They aim to be a zero-waste cafe – an opportunity to be an expression of a world of abundance – their food scraps find their way back into the ground as compost, surplus produce diverted to the hungry through Food 4 Thought, used coffee grounds become chicken feed and trading directly with farmers reduces unnecessary packaging.

“Filippas Biography:

Filippa is ignited by the space where environmental sustainability, nutrition and gastronomy meet and has actively contributed to this sphere over the past ten years.

filippaharringtongriffin.chef_Filippa believes that through creating and sharing good, clean and fair food, we have the best chance at positively impacting the health of our communities, our food system, and our planet.”

shala signsaladcafe view