5. Yoga Community

From Pilates, to Yoga, to Nutrition, to Health Coach with Marlien Wright in South Africa


An Interview with Nina Saacks

Join Marlien Wright and Nina Saacks in conversation as they explore Marlien’s Yoga journey. In this conversation Marlien shares her journey:

From corporate junkie to health coach and all the colour facets between.

We chat about:

* finding the right group or culture to help propel and spiral your growth forward.

* getting into Pilates, exploring Yoga and how that lead to nutrition

* we delve into the world of veggies and how coming from an Afrikaans background this was a big hurdle and learning curve * we explore the importance of Yoga retreats, the idea of nutrition.

* Marlien’s books – The Yoga Kitchen and The Mandala Kitchen

Listen in to our conversation! To find out more about Marlien: marlien@ykwellbeing.com