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From Yogi to Conscious Dance Trainer – a deep dive with Brian Bergman


An Interview with Nina Saacks

You’re going to love this conversation I had with Brian. We delve into our history of Yoga way back in the 2000’s with Seva (selfless service) Yoga in the communities

How he got into Yoga How he transitioned and moved to conscious dance and how that helped him through a deep and dark time in his life Brian shares the philosophy of conscious dance

We explore the difference between just regular dance, conscious dance and Brian’s signature style at Awake Human Being where he teaches with a back drop of Yoga and Yogic philosophy and principles.

We even delve into the 5 Koshas (If you’re not sure what they are, I hosted a popular workshop which you can watch here )

Our conversation kept going and we could have gone on further, so we’ll definitely do a part 2!

To find out more about Brian: info@awakehumanbeing.com