5. Yoga Community

In Conversation with Tarryn James Thomson from Yoga South Africa


An Interview with Nina Saacks

It’s so amazing when we get a chance to meet someone who “get us”, “gets what we do”, “gets our passion”, “gets our values”.

That’s exactly how I felt when I stepped into conversation with Tarryn! It’s wonderful when we have common interests and conversation flows easily. We delve into Tarryn’s story and how YogaSA came about. We explore the goals and reasons for YogaSA.

Tarryn shares her Top 5 Marketing Tips for SA Yoga Teachers (new and experienced). We spend a lot of time exploring the concept of connection and community in our chat. You’ll love this one and we’ll definitely be getting Tarryn back this year.

To find out more about Tarryn and Yoga SA visit

https://web.facebook.com/yogasouthafrica11?_rdc=1&_rdr @tarryn.james.thomson