The Club

This is a club for Yoga-lovers, Yoga teachers, Yoga students and Health enthusiasts.

This club will help you to take action and to implement the practices you know you need to be doing on a daily basis to live a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life.

All You Need to Know – the ins and outs

Club Membership is for 1 Year

You will learn and implement the foundational Ayurvedic Lifestyle Principles to improve your health

An interview needs to take place before being accepted into the club (limited numbers each round)

Includes group and individual coaching

Access to course hub with content included

R18 000 investment

Bonuses include access to the Seasonal Resets and Declutter Workshops

(not ready to commit for a year… no stress, inquire about the 3 month access pass)

I don’t do…

pressure sales what so ever, the initial call is get clear on your health goals. This helps me ascertain if this club will work for you. If I think it will, we will work together on discussing when the start date would be, that could be in 1 month, 3 months, 1 year from now… there is no rush.

We find the right timing for you and your situation so that you are able to commit 100% to your health journey.