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From swimmer to dietician to homeopath to yoga teacher – meet Debbie Gilligan


An Interview with Nina Saacks

Meet Debbie Gilligan from Like Cures Like Holistic Healing In this conversation we find out more about Debbie and her background from a sports enthusiast and lover to being told she could never exercise again to finding Yoga and then… guess what happened?

No surprise there… We delve into the world of Ashtanga Yoga and how it was the right Yoga for Debbie… We delve into Gretchen Rubins 4 tendencies – the upholder, obliger, rebel, questioner. Which one are you? And what is your need for accountability?

We chat about how our mind, emotions and physical being impacts our health and us as a unique human being. Plus we chat about chronic inflammation, how sometimes we are all more similar than dis-similar and how we all need to get back into rhythm.

Debbie shares how her Yoga practice has kept her sane amidst turmoil with loosing her dad, having 2 young kids and running a business. Her superpower – waking up half an hour earlier to get onto her mat, not matter if she feels like it or not. Always knowing that she’ll feel better afterwards.

Debbie is all about helping others empower themselves in their health and wellness, so find out more about her new project for 2023.

To connect with Debbie:

FB: www.facebook.com/likecureslikehh

Instagram: LikecuresLikeholistichealing