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Pure Beginners Course with Nina Saacks

This 4-part course (4 x 1hour videos) is for pure beginners and novices, as well as anyone recovering from an injury or ailment. Each Hatha yoga sequence is led by Nina in a slow, gentle, mindful and clear way, with precise and easy instructions.

30 Euros through the YogiComm website



Prana Vidya Yoga Class with Juanita Caprari

The Prana Vidya 80 minute video follows a set sequence as taught by the Himalayan Yoga Tradition. It can be likened to a Yin Yoga Style class. The main focus is on the hips and Svadisthana & Manipura Chakras with complete breathe awareness on those body focus areas, releasing physical, mental, emotional and energetic blockages, stress and tension from the body and mind.

37 Euros through the YogiComm website


Selection of Yoga Nidra Recordings

Enjoy a selection of  Yoga Nidra practices with Juanita Caprari:

  • lightness of being
  • points of body awareness
  • connecting to the guru within
  • chakra well-being

3.99 Euros each through the YogiComm website


Learn to Teach Yoga Nidra with Nina Saacks

This is a 2hr course that consists of 16 lectures and additional resources. A great online course to participate in and learn how to teach and how to improve teaching Yoga Nidra to your students.

$20 through the Udemy website