5. Yoga Community

YAA Interview with Sri Jothi Mayil Ma (Abigel Sheridan).


1.       Name: Abigel Sheridan – Sri Jothi Mayil Ma.


2.       DOB: 25 January 1972.

3.       What style of yoga do you teach? I follow the teachings of the Ancient 18 Tamil Siddhars and Swami Ramalingam, the Vallalar who dematerialized at the end of his life into the Light.

4.       Where do you teach? At Healing with Bliss, The Siddha Way at Organic at Heart in Constantia. www.healingwithbliss.co.za

5.       How long have you been practicing yoga? Yoga is a way of life, it does not start and end in a studio… .  I trained as a Reiki therapist in Hungary 20 years ago and have constantly felt a spiritual connection with the work I do. In 2010 I became connected to the teachings of the Siddhars.

6.       How long have you been teaching yoga? In 2012 I became a Siddha Acharya (teacher).

7.       Who have you trained with and where? I am a member of Pranashakty International and I am currently a student of the  Siddha Applied Science Institute based in Malaysia. There is so much to master,  I signed up for lifetime learning.

8.       What led you to yoga and at what point did you decide that you wanted to teach? Yoga is the path of your spiritual connection with your higher Supreme Self.  Aristotle sums it up for me:  “Man by nature desire to know…” so one day I woke up and started to ask questions. When you have a drive to share the way you live – to make the World a better place filled with compassion and love – then you slowly grow into a ‘guide’.


9.       What do you love most about teaching? The connection I feel with others, their reactions and appreciation of the teachings as well as the group healing that goes on in our small intimate class settings. I love special moments of human interactions.

10.   Is there a focus in your teaching style? There are different intentions set for the different classes I teach. For example Siddha Turiya Meditation focuses on feeling the peace and bliss whereas NCRP, (Neuro Cell Rebirth Process), focuses on releasing blockages. I also do individual sessions like the Aura Detox Therapy which removes negativity. All in all there are over 10 modules and themes I work with.

11.   What do you love most about yoga? The fact that it brings you to a higher state of consciousness, where you merge with The Ultimate.

12.   What is the greatest challenge you have overcome with the help of yoga?  On a personal development note, I worked hard to deal with my temper and patience. Yoga and meditation techniques showed me the way and now I can observe certain situations without emotionally being involved – although my kids can do  a very good job time to time… yoga helps me to stay connected and centered.

13.   What advice do you have for people who have never tried yoga? I believe in letting go, surrendering. People often create diversions for themselves to have an excuse to not to do something out of fear. Enter into a room with an open heart and just give yoga a try.

14.   Do you have a regular practice? Yes although it changes with time.

15.   Any religious affiliations? No. Spiritual.


16.   What are your other interests? I started the non-profit organisation called Chic-Mama Do Care where we raise funds for educational projects and promote the spirit of volunteerism. I have always felt that charity and yoga go hand in hand. I love my family, travelling and life itself.


17.   Any thank yous? Endless, endless thank yous and gratitude to my living and Ancient Masters and Everyone in my life.