5. Yoga Community

A loving and happy welcome to Priya Vassen of Darshan to YAA!

3 February 2015

Priya Vassen has been a dedicated student and practitioner of Yoga and Internal Martial Arts since 1998.

Priya 2

Priya is currently the owner of Darshan in Woodstock and is passionately committed to spreading the awareness and benefits of Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi and Yoga.

For Tai Chi, sessions are held at the following venue:

First Floor
Beckham House
Beckham Road

Prya Thai CHI

For Yoga, classes are at:

The Shala
15 Wandel Road

Priya Balance

For Chinese Medicine Treatments please visit:

Unit 15
Vine Park
Listowel Road


For treatment bookings and to find out more about Priya’s Tai Chi and Yoga classes please contact her on:


or call 083 259 7973.

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