5. Yoga Community

A warm welcome to jdj studios to the Yoga Awakening Community!


We are thrilled to welcome jdj studios and Jaletta de Jager as part of the Yoga Awakening Africa community!

jdj studios logoJaletta is the director of jdj studios, a photography studio in Cape Town. As her website profile describes: “jdj studios is the result of the union of two kindred spirits in Jaletta and Alastair. The company boasts the collaboration of photography and design.”

Jaletta is the founder of jdj studios which is a Cape Town based photography and design studio. Yoga happens to be one of her first loves and is a mutual passion that runs in the family. Her mother Edna is a big inspiration to Jaletta. Her background is theatre and she sees her future in Drama Therapy and Photography.  Using the creative elements of theatre and the beauty of Yoga has become Jaletta’s favourite subject to photograph.

Vriabhadrasana II sunset

Her enthusiasm and knowledge of the creative arts adds depth to her work and this is reflected together with her natural skill in all that she captures with the lens. From beloved furry friends, to the innocence of children, to the beauty of nature and the art of Yoga, the talent of jdj studios’ photographic work is clearly evident!

jdj studios Yoga toe balance

Do yourself a favour and be sure to capture the memories of all that you hold dear!

For further details please contact Jaletta de Jager of jdj studios on jaletta@jdjstudios.com or visit the website www.jdjstudios.com for further information.