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Anja Maritz Shares Her Yoga Path to Inspiring Kids Wellness


An interview with Nina Saacks

Join us for an lighthearted and fun conversation with Anja Maritz, the heart and soul behind Blissful Kids in beautiful Cape Town!

Discover Anja’s journey as she delves into the world of Yoga for children.

From her personal journey with utilising Yoga to overcome life’s mini challenges. She shares how her dharma is to teach kids these simple, practical tools she wished she’s learnt while growing up. This lead her to creating The Blissful Kids Yoga Teacher Training

Uncover the secrets of bringing mindfulness, joy, and wellness to our little ones through the transformative power of Yoga.

Don’t miss this relaxed chat that’s sure to warm your heart and inspire a more blissful future for our kids!

For more information on Anja and Blissful Kids visit: @blissfulkidscreativeyoga FB: Blissful Kids