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Easy Yummy Dahl Recipe


This recipe was given to me by my mom, who in turn got it from her friend Udaya. It is one of my favourite healthy, last-minute, what am I going to cook for supper tonight recipes. So trust me, if this uninspired cook can make it work, so can you! It is quick, it’s easy and it’s super healthy. Dahl or dhal or dal or daal as it spelt differently all over the show, is a generic term for all the members of the dried pea and bean family as well as the thick (or if you prefer thin) gravy-like soup made from them. Dhal is a brilliant source of vegetable protein and a great source of iron and B vitamins. So in my opinion a win-win situation.

lentils and slit peas

Dahl Recipe

Start off by frying some onion, garlic, chilli, cumin, mustard seeds and curry powder in a pot. When that smells nice and aromatic and it looks kind of done (ie not burnt!) cook in a cup of chopped up tomatoes (or if you are lazy or don’t have fresh tomatoes a tin will do – if this happens, I tend to purée them first as I am not a fan of chunky pieces of tomato in my food).

Then add in a cup and a half of pre-soaked (at least for an hour before) lentils (umm again, if you didn’t prepare for this in time, a tin or two of lentils works just as well, just make sure you rinse them well beforehand)

Add some water or stock, enough to just cover the lentils (less water for a thick dahl, more water for a thinner one – not rocket science)

Cook all of that on low for about 30mins

At the end add a big bag of spinach, some salt and viola, you have easy peasy yummy dahl!

Ideally you want to serve with some basmati rice and a smile :D