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jdj studios Yoga Competition Winner Photo Shoot by Jaletta de Jager


“Congratulations to Elizabeth Ward for winning the free photo shoot, which was 1st Prize in the jdj studios competition.

Elizabeth is a passionate yoga practitioner with a soft and warm energy that translated onto the photos.

Elizabeth in Balasana 165

This was a sunset shoot at Llandudno, Cape Town, with all the mesmerising beauty it has to offer.

Doing Yoga photography is something I fall in love with each time I pick up my camera and do a shoot like this one. Yoga is a beautiful art form that has taken the Western World by storm and as someone that has always had an insatiable love for dance, yoga captured me. Not only in its physical beauty and strength but also in the energy it creates in the doer and the mood felt by the observer.

As Elizabeth was doing her practice, creating that sacred energy of the doer, I danced around her with my camera as the observer finding ways to share what I see.


It was a successful dance, Elizabeth the subject was radiant and I found ways to capture what I saw. These photos bring me joy they are not just a representation of what I see but also of what you as a yoga practitioner do and create in your body.

Elizabeth black & white

Jdj studios is a brave and fulfilling venture. If these photos reflect a little of what you see in the Art of Yoga let me know and we can do a dance together.

Thank you to Juanita at Yoga Awakening Africa for running the competition and for becoming a friend. A special thanks to Alastair, the other half of jdj studios and my world. And to Elizabeth for sharing with us all her energy, look out Cape Town she is a yoga fiend to be watched.”

Please visit the website to view the full shoot

http://www.jdjstudios.com/#!elizabeth-ward/che and to see the vast canvas of life from Yoga, to equine & fashion photography; children, furry friends to the majestic landscapes and nature of the Cape, that is captured by this gifted photographer and special duo that together make up jdj studios.

jdj studios offer design of posters to advertise weekend workshops to the actual photography at a workshop. Alastair has web design skills and can offer the service of the web for those needing to work on their online presence.

E-mail Jaletta on jaletta@jdjstudios.com for details.