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Message to ALL Yoga Teachers & Studios ~ Yoga Alliance in Africa Initiative ~ from Cheryl Lancellas.



“Dear fellow yoga practitioners, educators and teachers, a few of us have come up with an idea of forming our own Yoga Alliance here in Africa. We have already registered a domain and would like to know how many Yoga Teaching schools would be interested in coming on board with this idea .

Firstly, we need to get your input and secondly, we obviously would like to work together so we can standardize a good level of education in order to  offer a world class standard of certification. I am personally tired of paying foreign exchange for no reason other than to be able to advertise another country’s organisation. The alliance we all set in place  will be run as a business, it will have to pay admin and become self -sufficient.  We would like to eventually represent  ALL studios, training centers and teachers country wide by offering insurance, monthly continued education workshops, discounted entrance to yoga festivals, affordable CPR sessions and much much more for your annual affiliation fees.

So before we formulate a plan, please contact me cheryl@sayogasafaris.com and let me know that you would be interested in a group discussion to help set things in place. We definitely  want to represent you, the educator of all various styles, so please come forward and help make this happen. All we ask is for half an hour of your time while we start the process. Thereafter we can communicate via email as we progress with the plans. We look forward to working together.”

Warm  regards

Cheryl Lancellas

0840902083 or 032 5861219

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  1. Hi Cheryl,

    Have you settled on a name? Will you extend it to include all yoga teachers in Africa?
    Who will be developing the website, and how will the back-end be managed? Have you settled on who will be running the organization, and will it be registered as a for-profit or not-for-profit organisation?

    Lots of questions, I look forward to hearing from you.


    1. Hi there, I would like to have teamed up with the existing Yoga Alliance Africa but they seem unhappy or slow to commit and their existing site is not managed nor is their marketing. They have 3 schools signed up for the last 5 years or so. Anyhow, it would need to be self sustainable, as in the affilliation fees would need to pay admin. costs and also any other things we are including such as insurance etc. The fees need to be affordable and continued education points should be offered for attending and leading workshops. I need to make a decision regarding my existing affilliation with UK alliance for 2015 and therefore cannot sit around waiting indefinately. Hence, my post on the above site to set the ball rolling and feel out the feedback. I think it must definately include ALL of Africa as thats where we all live. Why pay x 18 afflliation fees and not even receive the benefits of insurance being included or free entry to Om shows ?

  2. hi Cheryl,
    it sounds like a good idea and I would like to hear more. Together with one other teacher we run a very small studio in Somerset West, so costs would need to be in line with that. Please keep me in the loop.

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