2. Nina's Musings

The Yoga Octopus

Thank Goodness I’m not a Yoga Octopus! People often think that Yoga teachers are these really chilled, relaxed, unfazed, unfrazzled and enlightened beings… Needless to say, they couldn’t be further from the truth if they tried. So, sorry to break your image of your Yoga teacher and friend, but I would just like to tell […]

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5. Yoga Community

Yoga Teacher Interview: Nina Saacks

1.       Name: Nina Saacks. 2.       DOB: 13 October 1981. 3.       What style of yoga do you teach? Integral Hatha Yoga, (Sivananda trained). 4.       Where do you teach? At the Yoga Ayana Studio in Tokai, Cape Town. www.saacks.com 5.       How long have you been practicing yoga? Since 2001. 6.       How long have you been teaching yoga? Since […]

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