5. Yoga Community

Teacher interview: Alta Lourette of City Rock Yoga in Observatory, CPT.

  1. Name:

Alta Lourette.


  1. DOB:

7 April.

  1. What style of yoga do you teach?

Lekkeryoga :-).

Alta Side plank

  1. Where do you teach?

CityRock Yoga Studio – www.cityrock.co.za/yoga it’s a small studio, but the vibe is playful, non-pretentious and simple.

  1. How long have you been practicing yoga?

10 years.

  1. How long have you been teaching yoga?

2 years full time, (part-time since 2010).

  1. Who have you trained with and where?

John Ogilvie, Jim Harrington and Simon Borg Olivier.

Eka Pada Rajakapotasana

  1. What lead you to teaching yoga and at what point did you decide that you wanted to teach?

My whole life changed and I received so much. I wanted to share and give to others. When it felt like it was time for all my crazy travels to come to an end, it was just the natural next step to move to Cape Town and teach. It’s all I want to do.

  1. What do you love most about teaching?

Teaching is changing me daily on a whole new level. I do not like talking in front of people, my direction sucks and don’t really think of myself as being creative. But when I’m in front of a room full of yogis, I let all my layers melt, I give in, I connect with the energy and I just flow. I let myself be guided. I witness how the awesome people in front of me are teaching me as well as themselves.

  1. Is there a focus in your teaching style?

Safety, (alignment), fun and freedom.

  1. What do you love most about yoga?

How good it makes me feel. Yoga threads through everything else I do in my life. Yoga makes me a better person.

On the beach

  1. What is the greatest challenge you have overcome with the help of yoga? Depression.
  2. What advice do you have for people who have never tried yoga?

Come open minded, have no expectations, go with the flow and remember to have fun and to breathe.  So what if you think you’re not flexible or strong. If you can breathe, you can do yoga :-).

  1. Do you have a regular practice?

I usually do about 2 – 3 classes a week. I have an active life with all the hiking, climbing and teaching yoga. Once a week I do absolutely nothing physical.

  1. Favourite Asana?

Tree pose, (I can be caught having a conversation in this pose, haha).

Vrksasana plank

  1. Strongest Asana?

Tree Pose.

  1. Any religious affiliations?


  1. What are your other interests?

Rock climbing and super biking.

  1. Any Thank yous?

Thank you to all the people who come to their mat, (or towel, or the floor), who shape me, challenge me and give fire to my passion. Thank you to all my teachers in the past, now, and the ones that come who give so much of themselves. I am grateful for being healthy.