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Debut Album “Miriam’s Heartbeat” ~ A collaborative work of electronic sound vibrations, original word meditations and evocative visuals


Electronic Sound, Chakras and an Unexpected Turn of Events Converge to Ignite the Power of Miriam’s Heartbeat – Debut Album by Classically Trained Pianist Enhances Personal Growth Movement

Miriam album cover

Atlanta, Georgia, April 21, 2015—A collaborative work of electronic sound vibrations, original word meditations and evocative visuals meld together in Miriam’s Heartbeat, an unexpected debut album from classically trained musician Miriam Jameson. By combining three distinct art forms as the foundation for healing, relaxation and ultimately personal growth, the album is purposefully designed to affect the body’s seven chakras through the use of binaural tones and frequencies. Due to be released June 7, 2015 on iTunes, the 77-minute “sound” track is crafted to balance mind, body and spirit. The downloadable package also includes a digital booklet filled with contemplative prose and compelling photography. It retails for $11.99.

Miriam’s Heartbeat, an ostensible left turn for pianist Jameson, was actually the outcome of a natural, although difficult, progression of events. After opting for an IUD, Jameson was plagued by a series of debilitating health issues that continued even after the controversial device was removed. Doctors had no real diagnoses, numerous test results were inconclusive, and consecutive courses of medication did nothing to relieve persistent symptoms. It was then that Jameson realized the quality of her health was in her own hands.

Frustrated by this mysterious illness that had also effectively sidetracked her music career, it was only after attending a yoga class that Jameson considered the relationship between sound and healing. After all, her extensive musical training and sensitivity had made her more aurally astute. And so she began to research studies on the healing and balancing properties of certain types of tones and vibrations, especially those that affect the chakras.

Miriam Baddha Konasana

What she learned was that the therapeutic properties of sound have been extensively researched by experts from Harvard University to Stanford. Collectively they cite that tonal vibrations, combined with breathing and awareness of the present moment, create a physiological shift in the body that is the direct opposite of the human stress response, and that this change also alleviates depression, pain and insomnia, among other physical ailments.

Miriam’s Heartbeat is the direct result of Jameson’s own holistic transformation. Her debut music release, produced by  Jan Smith, is very different from what she might have imagined years before. It is a collaborative work of sound, word meditations and visuals designed to open the body’s seven chakras, or energy points.

Miriam Namaskar suyra

For Jameson, collaboration is at the core of Miriam’s Heartbeat, and collaborate she did. She embraced the contributions of Jan Smith, the Atlanta-based Grammy-nominated producer and vocal coach (Justin Bieber, Usher, The Band Perry, Matchbox Twenty and India Arie); engineers Jesse Owen Astin (Josiah Leming, Cassadee Pope, Miley Cyrus) and Demond Mickens (Jennifer Hudson, Akon, Justin Bieber); and the visual creative team at Hooton Images.

“Jan understood my vision and my mission,” said Jameson. “Having been a collaborative artist myself for many years, I am inspired by what we have all created together, and Miriam’s Heartbeat is a manifestation of my faith in the power of collaboration.”

Miriam’s Heartbeat is equally suited for individuals to incorporate into their everyday lives, and groups, such as yoga studio classes, because the format, order and pace provide a restorative experience that is both seamless and harmonious.

Miriam Jameson Root Chakra Visual _ Word MeditationThe launch of the album will be celebrated throughout the summer with personal appearances by Miriam Jameson coupled with meditation and yoga sessions in various studios across the U.S.

About the Artist

Classically trained musician Miriam Jameson began studying piano at age five. By the time she was 12, she was playing three additional instruments as well as participating in five music ensembles. She went on to receive two degrees in piano performance, was a featured guest artist with numerous symphony orchestras and took part in countless vocal/piano collaborations before reaching the ripe old age of 25. Still, all of these impressive achievements did little to foretell the critical turn of events just around the corner for this gifted young musician. Her journey from the methodical world of classical music to the experimental trails of electronic sound vibration, and ultimately Miriam’s Heartbeat, was more than unexpected.

Miriam and her husband, Jordan, a U.S. Marine, reside in Atlanta.


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