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What is Pranashakty and who is Swami Ramalingam?


PRANASHAKTY is here to grow and serve through energy, enabling individuals to take care of their own spiritual development with extremely powerful techniques, and also to contribute to others’ spiritual growth.

Pranashakty group is spread in many parts of the world. Its expansion has been fast and it happens only through service. We are here to grow through energy and serve through energy. Every individual who joins hands with us will be capable of taking care of his own spiritual development with the help of extremely powerful techniques and also can contribute to others’ spiritual growth. We believe in realizing through experience and meditation takes us to that experience which is beyond all experiences. The right techniques will take us there at the best speed. We would like to deliver knowledge which is free from dogma and distortion. Our teachings are simple and straight forward and techniques are powerful, which can reach deep into the heart of common man.

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Swami RamalingamSwami Ramalingam, popularly known as Vallalar, was one of the most notable saints on the Indian sub-continent during the 19th century. He was born on October 5, 1823, in Marudur near Chidambaram into a Hindu Saivite family, the fifth child and last son of his father Ramayya Pillai and mother Chinnammayyar. It is said she had borne him in her womb after she received Vibhuti, the sacred ash of blessings from an unknown guest of honor, a Siva Yogi who blessed her with a son like himself. Vallalar left the world on January 30, 1874 at age 51. When he was only six months old his father died and Ramalinga was brought up under the auspices and tutelage of his elder brother, who, it has been said, had a good working knowledge of things religious.

“Lord, take this body of mine and my spirit in exchange for your body and your spirit to enable this very body of flesh to become a body of light… transmuting” this body of skin and bones, I shine with a golden form you have given me a form perpetual which nothing can destroy… grace, knowledge, love and an indestructible body these have been your gifts to me.”

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