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Yoga in Muizenberg, Lakeside & Marina da Gama


False Bay, the beach side and marina suburbs of Muizenberg, Lakeside and Marina da Gama are some of the most common areas you’ll find locals hanging out to surf, walk the dogs and enjoy some relaxed and chilled time with friends and family, (especially during the festive season!). With easy access via train and taxi service, nearby shops, theaters and mountains many visitors to Cape Town enjoy stopping off in these areas for a couple of days to rest, relax and destress. Think long sandy beach, warmish water, waves for surfing, (if the wind is right), exploring rock pools, boating and sailing opportunities etc… It is amazing that with everything on offer in this area that people still find time to go to Yoga, but that’s just it, they do and there are a couple of yoga studios and private teachers teaching in this area.

We’ve create a list for you below.

Enjoy and get that surf on!


Sangha Spot & Wellness Centre

Johann Kotze Music & Yoga

Marina da Gama

Victoria Fearon

Lynne Abrahamson


Jyotti Yoga Lakeside.


Yours in Yoga,

Nina & Juanita.