14 July 2013: Siddha Inner Power Workshop, Healing with Bliss, Constantia, Cape Town.


Siddha Inner Power

Workshop – Level 1

Inner BeautyCape Town, 14 July 2013


Time and Date: 9 am – 1 pm, Sunday 14 July.

Venue: Silvermist Mountain Lodge, Constantia Nek, Cape Town – click to view map.

Fee R 1,800. Space limited. Registration required.

To book or for further information please email jothimayil@siddha.co.za or call Abigel on 0837159308.

Facilitator: Master Raj.


Siddha Inner Power is a unique system that allows you to access this enormous power sleeping within, to use it positively for self-defense, to improve your immune system, to rejuvenate your entire body, for healing and to help prevent aging (the Kayakalpa effect).


Siddha Inner Power is a journey to a better and indestructible you. Come join us, along with the thousands around the world, and experience tremendous positive changes in your lives, through our Inner Power retreats. Siddha Inner Power is the most revolutionary, and only proof of methodology based system that enables one to access the resident inner power to the fullest. It is different from all other systems of Inner Power because it gives you the Ayam Shield.


The Aayam Shield protects you from all intentional harm

Students of inner power are given techniques and powerful activations, which are ancient techniques dating back to age of the Sufi’s and Siddhars. Once these activations are done, the student has to do a daily practice to develop and maintain one’s energetic system in order to enhance the protective shield around. The simple exercises can be done by almost anybody with reasonable health, includes a set of simple meditations and exercises which can be done at one’s own convenience. Aayam energy is behind all these protective, transformative and healing properties of our Inner Power course.


Highlights and Benefits

Some of the documented highlights and benefits of Auradefence’s Inner Power system are given below. The reader is strongly advised to be aware that all the below benefits are achieved by a dedicated practitioner who keeps up the minimum requirements of inner power practices as laid out in the Aurdefence’s Inner Power manual. Merely getting an activation does not guarantee any degree of protection to the student unless practiced regularly.



A complete protection from physical attack or metaphysical attack be it a spirit entity, charms, or black magic. It will provide you with protection 24 hours a day whether you are consciously aware of it or not. The Aayam element will create a force shield around your body in the form of a golden yellow energy. Protection of your body from any sharp objects such as a knife when you face a critical situation. This ability will grow within 44 days of the activation once the student practices the special breathing exercises. At the point of activation, we will be able to demonstrate this using a sharp pin. Mystics and sages, propounders of thiis system has claimed that all poison will be neutralized by the Aayam energy and at an extreme level, the poison will mystically be prevented from entering your bloodstream.



An overall strengthening of the muscles in your body and tremendous improvement of the immune system. The central nervous system will be rejuvenated and will function properly, making your nervous system healthy. It improves and strengthens your reproductive system and improves your sexual stamina. Your skin tone and appearance will improve and the aging process will be slowed down. You may be able to notice that the skin of your face becomes more youthful. Women will notice that their breasts becoming firmer. There will be a glow in your skin that can be noticed after the 44 days of practice.



Aayam energy provides a powerful, charismatic, magnetic and healing energy to the practitioner. Your body will glow with a special charismatic aura that will bring you successful sales, business deals or influence people easily.You will become known as a walking “angel”. People will naturally be attracted to you and eventually you will be very popular among friends and peers.


Self Defence

You will be able to demonstrate the ability of the shield, by projecting the prana outwards to avoid being attacked by people/enemy or any emotionally charged offense directed towards you. You will be able to pull down a thief running away from you, lock a person’s movement or ability to freeze or knock people down without touching them.

Fore more information visit http://healingwithbliss.co.za/inner-power/