12 July 2013: Kundalini Shaktipath, Healing with Bliss, Constantia, Cape Town.


Kundalini Shaktipath

for spiritual aspirants

kundalini2Cape Town, 12 July 2013


Time and Date: 7 pm – 10 pm Friday 12 July.

Venue: Silvermist Mountain Lodge, Constantia Nek, Cape Town – click to view map.

Fee R 1,500. Space limited. Registration required.

To book or for further information please email jothimayil@siddha.co.za or call Abigel on 0837159308.

Facilitators: Sri Pranaji and Master Raj.

Wear white clothing, easy access to the bottom of your spine (no dresses for ladies).

Bring your yoga mat if you have one.


Kundalini Shaktipath for spiritual aspirants, even outside of Pranashakty

Anyone who follows a spiritual/energy practice very seriously and is above 15 years of age can attend.
Kundalini awakening forms one such event that forms the start of an elaborate and complex process of transformation. After the awakening, the aspirant is never the same. He gets access to many realms, since then development happens automatically.

  • Relatively quick and easy process
  • Masters help remove the blocks in the path of the energy flow
  • Accelerate the spiritual growth in the current path
  • Move faster towards awakening and enlightenment

Masters help remove the blocks in the path of the energy flow. Accelerate the spiritual growth in the current path. Lets the Deekshas and energy flow from the grace of your Guru work tremendously. Experience your Guru’s teachings and Deekshas intensely thereafter. Move faster towards awakening and enlightenment. All other effects of successful kundalini rise apply. Heat or prana movement through the spine during the lifting process. After awakening, the sadhak may feel any of this or some of the following symptoms:

  • Heat or cold in the body, spine, or head
  • Spinning of crown chakra or color in Ajna chakra
  • Some energy crawling sensation under the skin, feeling of losing strength
  • Extreme joy or bliss
  • Body will have a feeling of shield formed, sometimes the person may get abilities like protective skin, clairvoyance or healing power increased many fold


How is the Shaktipath done?
  • Pranashakty’s way of doing Kundalini Shaktipath is through direct transfer method. The guru touches the physical spine starting from the tail bone to the end and also guides it through the Sahashara and spine.
  • If any block is detected in the person, the guru may adjust the corresponding chakra but this will be done only on a case by case basis.
  • A simple procedure involving breathing need to be followed during the shaktipat process that will be explained to the student during the process.

For more information visit http://pranashakty.org/kundalini-shaktipath/