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Yoga Teacher Training Courses, which one should l do? Here is some advice from our Shrink on the Mat.


I want to become a yoga instructor. I’m in the process of becoming a physical therapist so I was wondering which style of yoga would be best for that? How do you become an instructor?


It is wonderful to read that your desire to become a yoga instructor; no matter what style you chose yoga opens the door to more awareness and a deeper connection to oneself. I am aware you might be wanting to encorporate it into your work as a physical therapist, and practices like Iyengar are good ones in terms developing a deep understanding of the body, alignment and postures. Having said that however, it is also important to find a yoga practice or path that feels most resonant for you. Have you tried a variety of different styles? If so, which ones have you most enjoyed?

If you are living in a city that has many types of yoga, treat it more like an adventure and discovery. Take time to try new classes, experience different teachers, and then if there is a form that you most connect with, commit yourself to that practice. Many of the studios today are offering yoga teacher trainings, so check out whether your local studios are doing so. There are also a number of wonderful trainings outside of South Africa. Generally, trainings with some kind of certification process, are good ones. (Yoga Alliance) Your trainers should be experienced and the training itself should provide teaching of yoga on many levels. Ask your teachers where they themselves trained and that might also point you in a direction. Finally keep in touch with YAA as there are often excellent workshops and trainings advertised on the website. Good luck!


Linda 3Linda is a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, mindfulness trainer and kundalini yoga teacher. She has been in private practice for the past 18 years. Linda teachers yoga classes at Gururamdas and at Hotdog Yoga in Cape Town. She can be contacted on lindi@isoft.co.za or visit her website www.be-awake.co.za.
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