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New to Yoga? This is what our Shrink on the Mat has to say.


I’m new to the whole yoga scene and I’d love to start doing some, (I’ve heard such amazing stories of how great it is for you,) but don’t have any idea where to start, please could you give me some pointers?

 love yoga

Welcome to the wonderful world of yoga. Depending on where you live there is so much to explore. The best way to learn is directly from a skilled teacher in a yoga class. So if you are in a city where there are a number of studios, I would recommend trying out a few different studios and styles until you feel that there is a studio that resonates with you. Make sure you try out a few classes; often I hear stories of people who were turned off yoga from one class that perhaps was not the right fit for them, and then only to decide to return to yoga years later. Luckily there are enough yoga styles to suit us all. Generally for beginners, hatha yoga is a safe bet. However if you are looking for a faster stronger experience, look for a vinyasa class. So although it is all yoga, (.i.e. union of body, mind and spirit), there are numerous yogic roads you can take!

If you are not surrounded by studios, (good idea to move to Cape Town!), then there are a number of superb online teachers and websites for you to explore. There are also many books that can outline some kind of home practice. Starting your own gentle stretching at home, if done with awareness and breathing, is yoga. And don’t forget to check the YAA website often to read more about local yogis and yoga studios. Enjoy!


Linda 3Linda is a psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, mindfulness trainer and kundalini yoga teacher. She has been in private practice for the past 18 years. Linda teachers yoga classes at Gururamdas and at Hotdog Yoga in Cape Town. She can be contacted on lindi@isoft.co.za or visit her website www.be-awake.co.za.

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