25 – 28 Nov 2013: Keeping the Flow Yoga Workshop with Patrick Creelman at The Shala, Cape Town, South Africa.



Keeping the flow, 4 day teacher training intensive

Taught by Patrick Creelman

Monday – Thursday, 25th – 28th November, 2013

9:00 am – 12:00 pm and 2:00 – 5:00 pm

R 3200 before November 1st, R 3500 after November 1st

Each day will include:

1.    Teachers oriented full practice

2.    Essential Skills Mastery for teachers in Vinyasa yoga

3.    Therapeutic aspects of the yoga practice and teaching


As teachers we create a flow with our students in practice.  This training is aimed at achieving greater MASTERY in flow by refining your knowledge of basic yet detailed alignments for the major poses AND refining the verbal alignment cues for teaching these details without losing the FLOW of your vinyasa class.  Key subjects of focus:

•      Key Alignment details & refinement – A review of the nuanced details in the universal alignments for all the major poses.  This is a progression session of excellence as a student for your own practice and as a teacher to effectively instruct your students.

•      Essential Verbal cues – the basics of teaching better alignment in flow practice.  A focus on simple, clear instructions CUES that empower students into the fullest potential of their poses without losing the flow.

•      Rhythm and Flow – optimal sequencing that keeps the class in the steady flow while creating gateways to deepen each pose.  Techniques include: Peaks and Valleys, Apex Pose formula, mini set-sequence repetition.  Brand your own flow.

Good Alignment is good Therapy

•      Therapeutics is an empowering knowledge base for teachers of both group and PRIVATE students.  In this training you will learn accessible and often simple therapeutic techniques for knee’s, hips, lower back, shoulders, neck and wrists that you can apply to your teaching with immediate effect.  This is an essential tool when working one on one with private students to create empowering results, As well as learning verbal cues for these actions in group classes helping students to avoid injury and guide them in mindful practice as the healing process.

 •      Physical adjustment mastery – Each day we will explore the power of helping students physically into greater alignment and into deeper stages of their poses safely and effectively.  The skill of healing touch is highly refined through training, practice and precision.  We will address all aspects within a wide range of highly effective adjustments learning both through demonstration, application and receiving the adjustment yourself.  An insightful and confidence boosting aspect of this program!

This program will give you strong tools to use in your classes immediately, along with progress in your own practice and feedback on how to grow yourself as a teacher in an ever-growing marketplace.

Schedule –

9 am – 12 pm – Practice and Teaching practicum for ‘Keeping the Flow’

2 pm – 5 pm – Therapeutics & Vinyasa Adjustment Clinic

Contact jo@theshala.co.za to book your space