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A delightfully happy welcome to “The Magic Mat & its little secret” to YAA!


The Magic Mat & its little secret presents a beautiful and unique way to bring Yoga to children with its fairy tale magical energy! The images are lovingly designed with attention to detail and capturing the essence of fun and how to perfectly practice and play one’s imagination out on the mat!

Thank you to the author Carmen Clews for creating such a special gift of portraying Yoga and sharing it with the children of today and for allowing YAA to be part of your journey!

Let the magic unfold…


“The Magic Mat and its little secret” book and DVD set.  A magical tool for developing happy, relaxed, loving and healthy children. Fun physical stretching and relaxation techniques for 5 to 12 year olds.

Hop on board the Magic Mat and cover yourself completely with magic.

Discover your higher self; learn to feel love, compassion and gratitude.

It’s time to share in an incredible secret and to find ultimate happiness for the rest of your life.

Learn confidence from a growling leopard, dive head first into creativity by weaving a spider’s web and you too can be as happy as a jumping monkey.

Carmen Clews, the Author, loves magic and uses it in her own life daily since finding the magic source through yoga practise.


“The Magic Mat and its little secret” came about after a quiet epiphany on Carmen’s own mat. After one particularly wonderful stretching session, she was overwhelmed by the immense magical benefits one gains whilst there, by simply connecting mind, breath and body together. She thought ‘this really is just like magic’ and imagined every child having their own magical place to go each day, and The Magic Mat and its little secret was born.”

Carmen Clews

 Visit: www.magicmatsecret.com to see more beautiful images and to order a copy for your kids.

“The Magic Mat & its little secret” Book & DVD set can also be found at the following distributors:

  • LOOT
  • Bargain books/exclusive books/airports
  • Organic Zone – Lakeside CPT
  • Wisdom to Nourish – CPT
  • Wellness Warehouse – CPT
  • Old Nick – Plett.
  • Bargain Books – Plett.
  • Lotus Studio – Knysna

Contact Coci on: contact@magicmatsecret.com for further details and please DO share the love by making The Magic Mat Face Book Page https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Magic-Mat-and-its-little-secret/1423025887952462?fref=ts

one of your favourite LIKES for your kids to enjoy a sprinkle of magic every day !