2. Nina's Musings

Make it a Wild, Fun Weekend Experience


Take time out this weekend to do something you love.

I love being out in nature, but because my parents are not the biggest fans of water sports and boats (sea
sickness is definitely no fun as I’ve been told, and lucky for me it doesn’t run in the family), we never grew
boating or being out at sea much.

Only once I met my partner, did my love and passion for being out in the vast open sea and water ignite.

One of my favourite things is to spend time on the water and observe and see what sea life and animals
are around. This last trip out I was lucky enough to see load of sea turtles, dolphins and whales. What a treat!

How flexible are you to testing out new adventures to see what may tickle your fancy?

If you’re looking into ways to become a little more flexible, then join my free talk on Monday evening.

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