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Meet Helen Hansen – Overcoming Fibromyalgia with Kinesiology


An Interview with Nina Saacks

Embark on a transformative journey with Helen Hansen, a beautiful kinesiologist, as she shares her inspiring story of overcoming fibromyalgia and reclaiming her health.

In this inspiring interview with Helen, she sheds light on the common symptoms experienced by those living with fibromyalgia. From chronic pain, exhaustion, tender points to sleep disturbances and cognitive difficulties, she provides an insight into her experience of fibromyalgia.

As a skilled kinesiologist, Helen delves into the principles and practices of kinesiology, which played a pivotal role in her healing process. Discover how she utilised these techniques to address the underlying emotional and spiritual aspects of her fibromyalgia.

Through emotional and spiritual clearing, Helen unlocked the key to her recovery, paving the way for a life of vitality and well-being. Whether you’re a yoga teacher seeking to deepen your understanding of fibromyalgia or a student navigating the challenges of this condition, this interview provides a wealth of information and guidance.

Helen’s personal journey serves as a beacon of hope, inspiring others to explore the power of kinesiology and energy healing and its transformative effects on fibromyalgia. Join us for an engaging conversation that merges the worlds of yoga, kinesiology, and holistic healing, fostering a greater understanding and compassion for those affected by chronic illness.

Connect with Helen here https://helenhansen.co.za/