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Top 2022 Yoga Teacher Interviews in South Africa


We started a new project in 2022 where I get to interview some fantastic Yoga teachers from Africa. Some Yoga teachers who visit Africa. And others who have stories to tell about their African experience.

Here are the TOP 5 Interviews as watched by YOU!

In spot number 5

is a chat I had with Carolin on having joined the October 2022 Clean Eating Challenge.
You’ll want to watch this one it you haven’t yet


if you’re considering joining the next challenge.

If you’d like to join our next Clean Eating Challenge, you can book your spot using the link below.

In spot number 4

is a chat I had with Adeline Ireland, ex-tango dancer who’s become a traveling Yogi-nomad.

We met years ago while hiking the Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal and have stayed in contact. She shares her story on how she got to teach at a Zanzibar resort for 3 months.

In spot number 3

Is one of my favourite conversations I’ve had all year, with my awesome friend Nicole Angelika Panzer from our joint Podcast Channel – Nourish and Restore.

In spot number 2

Was the very first interview I hosted with my Biker-Yogi Friend Jane Barnard from Just Breathe Alive.

If you missed this interview, you can catch it here.

And the number 1 watched Interview in 2022

Was this interview I had with Claire Stephenson who has just released her latest Ayurveda Cookbook – Living Ayurveda. Here’s her story and our conversation.

And those are your 5 top viewed interviews for 2022.

Be sure to stay tuned for more interviews released every Friday this 2023.