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“The Magic Mat & its little secret” Activity Mat has arrived!!! Time for your kids to feel the magic!


“It’s (the mat), the original source of why the concept started – ‘The Magical Activity Mat’ offers a sacred place for children to visit and have their very own magical and safe space to go when they need some quiet time, if they are feeling anxious, or just need to go within for some answers. They can simply roll out the mat in a quiet place, hop on and get completely covered in Magic!”

A big thank you to Carmen Clews, the author of this special book, for creating more magic to add to the experience!

Magical Activity Mat smaller res

Eco friendly certified, non-toxic, no heavy metal, antibacterial.

Non slip material.

60 x 173cm/4mm.

For inquiries on prices and orders of the Mat and the Book with complimentary DVD, please contact:

Juanita on contact@magicmatsecret.com