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Welcoming a new change and challenge.


Namaste Yogis. As you all know, I often like to share my travel experiences and adventures with all of you, however, I don’t too often write what happens on a very personal or relational level. This post is going to be a little different…

We have moved again! And it literally happened over night. And when I say moved, I don’t just mean to another town or city, I mean another country! This is what transpired and my interpretations of it on a larger scale. I hope you’ll enjoy contemplating your life and the thoughts I’ve put forward.

Craig was offered an amazing job opportunity (like seriously, his dream job!) here in Mozambique (yes I am now in Moz!). It was literally one of those, chat with the director, meet, wrap up things on our farm, fly out to meet the team and head over to the farm and start. It literally ALL happened in the space of 2 weeks, if even that!

I have a good chuckle to myself about this nearly every day and look back to try and see how it all happened and why? I love to analyze…
Certain things come to mind that I thought I’d share with you as it might trigger something (hopefully positive) for you:

  1. We’d been working on an investment proposal for some time. Stating in it what we aimed to do and achieve in the avocado farming sector. It was a preliminary proposal which we had sent off to a couple of investors already. There was interest, so we knew we were onto something. This was our long term vision and goal.
    (Our intention was made very clear to the Universe as to what we wanted to do and that we had the skills and know-how on how to do it.)
  2. One of my favourite books is the 12 week year. I pulled it out and started reading it for the 10th time and sat down at my laptop and wrote down my vision, worked on my short term and long term goals etc (I’d started doing this religiously about 5 years ago and it sort of came to a halt with meeting Craig and moving to Tanzania). So I sat down again, and rewrote them to be more relevant to my current state.
    (I now had on paper exactly what I wanted to be doing, how much I wanted to be earning, how much work-free time I wanted etc.)
  3. It doesn’t always happen the way you expect it to. Literally, and I mean literally the next day Craig gets a call from this big company and is asked to meet up with them.
    (I feel if you have a strong bond with someone be it on a personal level, business level,  friendship level etc and you have a joint project or vision, opportunities arise in a way that support the foundation of that dream not necessarily the dream itself!)
  4. We were willing to let go of our idea. By letting go of exactly how and where we had envisioned our proposal to take place and shape, gave us the opportunity to explore something EVEN bigger and probably more rewarding as well.
    (Sometimes what you’re looking for comes disguised differently.)
  5. We had to learn to let go of the past. We both spent a lot (and I mean A LOT of money) and a hell of a lot of time and effort on obtaining work and residence permits to be based in Tanzania. We had to have that hard conversation together about finances and were we going to be okay with letting all of that lapse if Craig were to take on the new opportunity?
    (Sometimes we need to have hard conversions with the one we love and address the topic of finances so that both parties are in 100% agreement with going forward.)
  6. Moving isn’t easy. Somehow, the fact that it was all done in a rush seemed to make things a little easier, there was no time to sit down and over analyse anything. We literally had time to pack up house, pack 4 suitcases, get the staff on the farm organised with plans for the upcoming months, say bye to Penelope the pig, pack the car and go in the space of 2 weeks. Okay, we did also enjoy a little detour of a holiday at the national park so that Princess here could see her beloved elephants!
    (To analyze is good, but sometimes we over analyze things and then reanalyze and re consider, sometimes we just need to make a decision and push through. Oh and never say no to a mini holiday away, ever!)
  7. Could more positive stuff rise on this already awesome wave? Not only have we moved into the most beautiful and well-kitted out house (yes, I now have electricity, fridge, stove and an oven!!!) with a magical view and baby woodpeckers nesting outside the lounge tree, but I have also been offered a part-time job to set up an outgrower community project. I’m not sure if it’s because I managed to make a good impression at our dinner meeting or because they want to ensure that I don’t get bored here. But which ever way, I now get to be apart of something uplifting and positive.
    (So, yes, sometimes we can’t teach Yoga as we have come to know it, but that doesn’t mean one can’t take the Yogic concepts and incorporate them into projects one is asked to head up!)
  8. Change isn’t easy. Arguments and fights do happen, especially after all the initial stress of change has subsided. The challenge, can you let go, forgive and move towards your join vision and goal? Yes, even this Yogi here can sometimes say harsh and hurtful things and needs to apologize and be forgiven.
    (Non of us are perfect, we all make mistakes. Forgiveness, listening and understanding is key.)

So that is everything that has transpired in the last 2 weeks in the life of Nina. I hope you’ve had a good chuckle but now its time for you to head out into nature, to observe and to reflect on your own life.

Have a beautiful day






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  1. Thank you for sharing your special journey Nina, your gift of writing is extremely delightful. I wish you and Craig the very best for your new venture and know that you will both make huge successes of this change. The saying “you take yourself wherever you go” is so true and no matter where in the world you are, you will always be the wonderful, special, yogic Nina. Mozambique is lucky to have you. Sending you lots of love and light xxxx La

    1. Thanks La, always so good to touch base! Sending you lots of love back x

  2. Wishing you both an awesome adventure in your new country and may the pleasant surprises keep coming!!

    1. Thanks so much Anne ;-) will keep you posted on any new developments!

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