2. Nina's Musings

Yoga and Nature – Look deeply at those lessons.


HPAlbert Einstein


Albert Einstein must have been a yogi, because he knew what he was talking about. If we take the time out of our hectic schedule and just pause for a moment, look out the window and see the world as it is, we would be in a much better space. The mountain is just a mountain and it is content being it, it doesn’t want to be the ocean, it doesn’t want to be the stars or the moon. It is happy to play the role of being a support structure, of being sturdy and secure, being grounded and firm. The river is the opposite, it changes, it flows, it moves, it brings life and the sun gives us energy, fire and life. All play their part in nature and you don’t see one wanting to be something else – imagine what would happen if all of nature would want to become a flaming, bright, brilliant, energising sun? Life as we know it on Earth would seize to exist.

So surely we should try follow the same pattern? We are not all the same, we are born with different talents, qualities and traits, it makes each of us super special and each one of us have an important role to play in this life. We may not always know what that role is all the time, we can’t all be an Oprah or a Nelson Mandela, and that is okay (I promise!). But we are all important and when we take the time to realise this and try to make positive changes in our communities and our own lives we make huge progress on our spiritual journey forward as well as influencing those around us.

So if you find you are having a tough time, be it at work, at home with the kids, in a shopping mall or on the road. Stop, go outside and try to connect with nature, be it looking deep into a beautiful flowering blossom, the leaves rustling in the wind or the clouds passing by. Connect deeply to that, close your eyes, breath deeply and steadily and then listen to what your inner intelligence, your intuition has to say. What lesson does nature teach you at exactly this point in time? I am sure that you will probably find that whatever it is that is troubling you, annoying you or what you are worried about will be lifted and things will become a lot clearer.

ninawheelTill next time, stay happy and enjoy spending some time outdoors today.