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Yoga in Wynberg, Kenilworth & Harfield Vilage


The mini-hub of Cape Town –  Wynberg, also know as Little Chelsea or Chelsea Village, together with Kenilworth and Harfield Village are some of the most sought after places to live especially when looking for that first place to buy or rent. One, because it is fairly close to the city of Cape Town, (about a 20 minute drive) and two, it is far enough away to enjoy a slightly quieter life. It is also a few minutes drive to the mountains, the sea, (False Bay or the Atlantic side), University of Cape Town and the nearby shopping centers. There are various cute little shops, coffee shops and markets to keep you entertained as well as a number of private Yoga teachers and, lots of new up and coming Yoga studios giving it a bash. Here you’ll find a lovely hodgepodge of people from different walks of life and ages being creative and going about their days.

Yoga in Wynberg, Chelsea Village and Little Chelsea

Ivana Moncekova.

Yoga in Kenilworth


Kuruna Yoga

Yoga in Harfield Village

Yoga and Relaxation with Marjolein

Amber’s Hatha Yoga

Connect with one or two of the locals here and find out where they go for Yoga. You’ll probably find there are a couple of amazing teachers teaching at some scout or library hall.

Happy Yoga-ing!


Nina and Juanita.