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Yoga in Diep River, Plumstead & Heathfield


Diep River, Plumstead and Heathfield are suburbs of Cape Town that lie along the train line, which makes community with public transport a lot easier that other outlying suburbs. There are a number of little shops, and interesting places to explore in these diverse neighbourhoods like Martin’s Bakery, antique shops, second hand furniture shops, the currently refurbishing 3 Arts Theatre and the Rietvlei Reserve.

There are a few sport clubs and fitness centres in these areas where you are most likely to find Yoga classes. Apart from that, there aren’t too many private or small group classes in these suburbs, your best bet is to look for a studio in the Tokai, (Yoga in Tokai), and Constantia, (Yoga in Constantia), area or in Claremont, (Yoga in Claremont).  

Diep River and Plumstead

Amber’s Hatha Yoga

  • If you are specifically interested in Kundalini Yoga, Iyengar Yoga or Sri Sri Yoga, then please visit their main sites to find a teacher in your area.
  • If you teach in these area, please contact us so that we can add you to our list :-)

Om Shanti,
Nina & Juanita.