Rooftop Yoga in Cape Town, South Africa @Shanti Cape Town.



Wow, was my first impression as we got to the the 7th floor where Ulrike from Shanti Cape Town was hosting a free Ashtanga Yoga class last Sunday. I quickly made my way to the back of the class where there was still some space and managed to settle into my body and mind quite easily. I mean look at the view – how is that just not breath taking and amazing?!?!


So yes, not my normal style of yoga, but since my partner agreed to join me on a yoga adventure, (he is a personal trainer and Ashtangi fan), I decided this would be a fabulous way to spend some time together. The primary series as all ashtanga practitioners know is a set series that you do. But very often, actually each time you do it, it can feel completely different. For me it was enjoying my surroundings, yes, I’ll admit, I did loose my drishti very regularly when in Downward Facing Dog as you had the most spectacular view of the harbour and then when doing Virabhadrasan II, (Warrior II), you could see the outstretched Table Mountain in front of you. Breathless, spectacular, amazing, what a place to have been able to do some yoga!


For those who made it to the class, I am sure you all enjoyed it just as much as I did. If you are not sure who I am, I was the one at the back of the class doing Cat Stretches and the Child’s Pose most of the time, smiling and enjoying the view while the rest of you, (okay, not all of you), were sweating and panting away in the heat.


Many thanks to Lucinda from Yoga Shmoga for these images as well as for bringing her awesome yoga gear with to the event. Be sure to catch more of Shanti Cape Town by visiting this link and more of Yoga Shmoga’s new yoga gear by clicking here.


Namaste to you both and all those special practitioners who joined in to create a wonderful energy that morning, it was superb!