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Spice up your life.


Spice up your life.

It is not exactly clear when humans began to use seasoning on their food but even as far back as 6000 years ago, our ancestors liked it hot. Spices were not only used on food but they were also associated with tradition, religion, and magic.  Widely known for their health benefits in many Eastern countries, spices are beginning to receive attention from Western medicine.

Cumin, or jeera is a source of iron and is known to boost your immune system during the flu season. Garlic, the starting place for most curries, helps your heart and will ward off the common cold.  While using ginger can settle an upset stomach and improve the absorption of nutrients in the body.  Finally, turmeric fights off infections and helps prevent certain types of cancers.

Fry’s Family Foods has brought out an Authentically Durban range in partnership with Deena Naidoo, their new Lamb-Style and Chicken-Style Chunks contain 14 spices and are available exclusively in KwaZulu-Natal now.