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Yoga at The Langata Women’s Prison, Nairobi, Kenya


Sometimes in life you’re asked to do something that seems trivial. Today I am super grateful for the lifestyle I lead – the family I was brought up in, the many small and big opportunities I’ve been given, my friends, my education and the choices I’ve made.

We went to visit a Nairobi prison to see how a local yoga project and the classes are coming along in the women’s pretrial ward, (some have been waiting for over 3 years to have their case heard, not even convicted!). And yes, occasionally, it’s not uncommon, some of these women walk out free after 3 years because there is no case against them… what a waste. But this is nothing new, it happens all around the world I’m told.

These women have a tough life, it’s not easy, but they are smiling, they are enthusiastic, kind and motivated. They want the Yoga! When they heard that there would be an opportunity in February for some of them to do a 200hr intensive yoga teacher training, the enthusiasm, held back tears and excitement was electrified in the air. There are not many things to do in a prison to keep you busy, motivated, positive and calm. So the opportunity for these women to participate in a project like this is unimaginable. Seeing their faces light up  and sparkling eyes after hearing the good news crushed my heart and at the same time filled it with hope. If I could have, I would have started a training for them right there and then.  

I take my hat off to Irene and Ezra, (qualified yoga teachers in Nairobi), who try to make it to this prison 3 x a week to teach yoga. And Susan the head warden for supporting this project and giving these ladies hope and motivation for being a better version of themselves. A true selfless service warrior. We need more real yogis like them!

Projects like these need all of our support! Women, (and men), in these institutions are just like you and me, part of society, who have so much to give, so much to teach us if we’d just slow down, sit down and listen.

I am often left speechless when I see the amount of work Ayesha and her team from Yoga for Wellness Tanzania do to get community projects up and running, to continue the support needed for the projects they have already started and the many new places that request her assistance each day. This line of work is not easy, but I can tell you, it is some of the most rewarding work you can get involved in.

So obviously there is always the request for funding-  funding is always needed, so if you can, then please support by donating here.

Alternatively if you are a qualified yoga teacher, yoga therapist or a yoga teacher trainer and you would like to go to Tanzania for 1-6 months to get involved in community work and give back to society, then we can set you up.
What is need? Hatha yoga teachers, yoga teachers who can teach gentle, slow, safe practices, breathing and lots of relaxation. And if you’re not a qualified yoga teacher but have skills that can be utilised in the health and wellness field, then get in contact as well, there are always skills out there that can be utilised.

For more information on how to apply click here

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