2. Nina's Musings | 7. Travel

Day 7: We are all equal, Mother Nature has no favourites.


Let just say, when the morning came, the clattering metal roof tops in the wind didn’t help motivate me to get up. But thanks to Bart, we all made it up and out our cottage to see the sunrise from what is known as Annapurna Base Camp. And again, what a sight. Those mountains, the light, the moon, the sunbeams, the hostile environment… it makes you very conscious of how insignificant we humans really are. A combination of pure exquisite beauty with the realization that this is probably one of the most hostile places to be in. And that was made very apparent after breakfast when we headed down the mountain again. Here we got surprised by a massive wind and hail storm. Hail pellets the size of marbles pelting against us, bags flying, clothing flying… but luckily all safe. Thanks to Hebi and Min who knew how serious it was, and knew that we needed to get down and off that peak ASAP. A good long, slow walk got us back to Bamboo that day, where we managed to enjoy a relaxing afternoon.