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Day 8: Looking forward to what you know.


Today was the day to head back to Chomrong, my favourite little village on this trek and we agreed that we would stay here for an extra day due to having gone up to ABC in one instead of three days. There is nothing nicer than knowing where you are going to and what you can expect. The same room, the same hosts, the same delicious food, the same hot chocolate, similar views.

After a rough few days, going somewhere you know, a place that feels like home is one of the nicest feelings to experience. If you’ve come from a tough place, you appreciate ‘home’ even more than you did the first time around. And so it is with life as well. We often take our family and friends for granted, especially when we are young and growing up, but when we leave home and then return home one day, we appreciate all those little homely things a bit more, the home made meals, the clean washing, the flushing toilet, the comfy bed, the crazy dog and cat. Each time we leave, each time we return again, we know what we can look forward to, and we can appreciate all those things even more.