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Day 11: ‘If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!’


Our final night, we stayed in a local town called Dhampus. Nothing much of a town, nothing special here, and it is definitely a place than can be given a miss… A damp place so to speak. But I like to try and see the good in most things, so here goes… the good thing, is that it seems to be a little village where a lot of the youngsters hang out at for an overnight stay. So we arrived, settled in and then had an early night. Being in bed for no more than 10 minutes I then heard the guitar going, singing, talking and merriment… Firstly, I was annoyed… how was I going to sleep in this racket? Then I decided, screw this, I’m getting up to see what it’s all about. So I got up, headed to where all the commotion was and decided to join in with the teenagers and where the party was happening, (yes, I didn’t last long and ended up in bed an hour later at 9:30). That was the extent of my partying in Nepal this year.