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Day 7: How to Build a Daily Meditation Practice


Building a daily meditation practice. As a yoga teacher I have struggled for years to get into and commit to a regular meditation practice. Here’s how I overcame that problem.

Being a part of a dynamic group, a group that has the same or similar values, goals and dreams to you can be exceptionally helpful.

When we are part of a dynamic group, things get so much easier. We can rely on one another for support, we give one another support, we stay accountable to each other with the habits that we want to form and the habits that are important to us so that we can become the best next version of ourselves.

If you’re a Yogi and you’re looking for support, if you’re wanting to be in a group with like-minded people who have your back then be sure to check out my latest online program. It’s a year-long journey called moving from Chaos to Rhythm.

If you’re wanting to build, strengthen and enrich your meditation practice, come along and join us!