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Diseases Linked to Chronic Inflammation


I came across this image on Chronic Inflammation from the Harvard Business School and I really love it as it shows perfectly the different areas of the body inflammation affects.

What this represents to me is that we are more the same than different. Diseases try to separate us, do you have chronic hepatitis or acne? Do you suffer from lupus or Type 1 diabetes? Do you suffer from asthma or MS?

When we realise that actually all these disease start with the same source – chronic inflammation. Inflammation in our body, in our mind and yes even in our soul then we realise that we don’t need to differentiate ourselves, but that we can actually all come together and address inflammation from the ground up.


Well ideally from our lifestyle choice…

We need to get back into rhythm. We need to get back into rhythm with the natural cycles, the seasons, the daily rhythm.

We need to address how we eat, when we eat, how we sleep, when we sleep, how we move when we move… Yes the list goes on an on…

They’re not difficult changes, but they are changes we are unaccustomed to practicing because our lifestyle choices don’t promote this way of living.

If you are ready to take action, to transform. Then you’ll want to take time to complete this health survey. It will give you an idea as to how serious you are and if you are ready to embark on change.