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Transitioning from Winter to Spring: Tips in Africa


Welcome to August!

August is where we are transitioning from the chilly winter to the vibrant spring.

Here are my 6 Tips on how you can navigate these changes with a little more ease, direction and clarity.

Download, print out and implement :-)

Tip 1:

Preference eating warm foods like soups and stews instead of salads and raw veggies.

When we take time to nourish and nurture ourselves with real food, we help our digestive system. It’s time to put away the crisps, chocolates and sugary teas and hot chocolates and spend time cooking healthy hearty meals.

Tips 2:

Do practices like breath of fire to ignite, heat up and warm the body. It helps to remove and transform the inner stagnation.

When we breath we slowly cause a chain reaction of positive benefits. We have more energy, we have more heat, we have more clarity, we have better direction – all allow us to follow our purpose.

If you need direction on how to do these practices, checkout this FB live recording, click here.

Tip 3:

Get inspiration from others to help motivate you in taking the next step so that you can live your dharma and impact others positively.

When we have direction we have a goal, we have a purpose and we are then able to take action on doing the hard things so that we can achieve what it is we set out for ourselves. What is your goal this season? Is it a health goal, a work goal, a career goal, a family goal, an income goal?

Tip 4:

Come out of hibernation and spend time with people who inspire, motivate and uplift you!

When we spend time with the right people achieving our goals become so much easier. Spending time with the wrong, outdated and negative people in our life makes things 100% harder. Choose who you spend most of your time with.

Tip 5:

Spend time in nature daily and watch how things slowly begin to transform. This will help you decide when changes need to be made.

When we pick up the nuances in the changes outside us and in our surroundings, we can automatically feel when we need to change things internally. We’ll know when we need to change the types of foods we eat, when we eat and even how we eat. Spend time in nature and share your insights with us on our FB page.

Tip 6:

Massage your feet every night. This helps to warm them up as well as ensure you get good rest as the nights start becoming shorter and days longer.

This is my all time favourite practice and it helps me sleep so soundly. The trick – you need to do it regularly to really feel the lasting benefits. Build this habit and you won’t regret it!

So those are my 6 tips for transitioning from winter to spring for you as we navigate these changes here in Southern Africa.

Enjoy, and let me know how you’re doing with them?

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