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Habit 7 – Time to Sit in Silence


For those of you who read my blog post on Breath Body Practice, will know that doing a regular morning practice has been one of my biggest challenges on my Yoga-path.

The next one I would say, since I always believe the two went hand in hand was sitting in silence – i.e. meditation.

This was a right old pain in the but for me.

I knew it was good for me.

I knew it would have long term benefits for me.

I knew it would keep me calm and centered during turmoil.

I knew it would be the one practice I should develop strongly as a Yogi

But I just couldn’t. It was so elusive. It would frustrate me when I did sit down and do it (my mind wondering at a million thoughts per second and my whole to-do list was so apparent and would stress me out). When I didn’t do it, I felt like a failure, a Yoga-fraud.

But taking time to work on this habit in a slow and easy manner has been extremely helpful.

It’s one of those habits that I know I need to practice because when I do, I find time shifts and I end up having more time in my day to get through everything that needs accomplishing.

I can’t say it’s a habit I love yet. But I’m seeing the benefits daily and I’m enjoying the quiet time more and more.

How are you doing with your meditation practice? Could it do with a little sprucing up and help?

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