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Habit 8 – Healthier Eating Guideline


This has been and still is my greatest challenge on this journey.

Healthy eating guideline!

In this habit we explore the concepts of what healthy eating guidelines are. Are you a snacker, an emotional eater, do you wolf down your meals, do you know you need to fire up agni properly before taking in meals…

All of these topics we address in our annual program. It’s not easy, but we come to this habit 3 times over the year, each time we improve, we build new micro-habits in the direction we want to move and we find ways that support us in a more sustainable ways.

When we get our eating habits dialed in we really start to experience more energy, more space, more time.

I must say, one thing that I have improved on tremendously so far is meal prep. I’m the kind of person who used to work, work, work and then all of a sudden realize I hadn’t eaten anything, was starving and then open the fridge and start grabbing what ever was accessible (which used to mean left over cookies, cakes, yoghurt, bread) any thing that was easy and anything that would be quick.

Now I’m the kind of person who has more of a plan in place. I know what meals are planned for the week, they are prepared or semi-prepared and I have a cut off time when I head into the kitchen to make myself a really nourishing lunch.

Again, on the days this happens I have sustained energy, I don’t have cravings and I sit down with focus and clarity to get my work done.

If you find you need to get more in tune with your meals and meal prepping, you’ll gain great insight into what can be done easily to make this a supportive habit for you.

When I get this habit waxed I feel more relaxed, I’m not such a worrier, there is less self-judgment and negative talk going on in my head. It seems like such a simple thing, but it’s been my biggest challenge all course long. And I can see that my efforts, time and energy are really starting to pay off.

I can see that it’s only going to get easier. So if you’re in the space like I was a couple of months ago, seriously, start looking at your eating habits and if you’re wanting to get some support, and this is where being in a dynamic group has been INVALUABLE to me, then be sure to find out more about my annual program.

Get on my calendar so that we can find a quiet time to chat and connect.