3. Yoga Lifestyle

Habit 9 – Sense Organ Care


Do you take your senses for granted?

How are you caring for your eyes, your ears, your nose, your tongue, your skin?

Have you taken time today to think about this?

Do you teach sense care in your Yoga classes and do you practice it at home?

This could be simple practices like resting your eyes on the horizon or cupping your eyes, scraping your tongue and practicing neti or nasya.

Sometimes we need to be reminded of these practices and why they are so important to do on a daily basis. Find easy ways to practice these. Make them automated habits that you do regularly and see the benefits.

Open up to what is available to you, open up to where you can go, open up to your future. It’s a stunning one!

When we want to feel calmer, when we want to have more focus so that we can be more productive and creative so that we can live to our full potential and create beautiful things we need to know how to take care of our senses so that we can relate and perceive the external world truthfully and with clarity.

Are you ready to transform, grow and evolve so that you can become the person you always dreamed of becoming? Doing the things you always dreamed of doing?

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