3. Yoga Lifestyle

Habit 10 – Easeful Living


Ahhhh… bliss…. The joy if being in flow, in alignment, in ease… It’s such a fabulous place to be, but we need all the 5 elements in play to get us there.

We need the structure and security of the earth element.

We need to tune in to our emotional body and honour how we’re feeling with the water element.

We need to have the fire of transformation burning bright so that we can transform old outdated beliefs, habits and ways of doing things to new ones. Ones that are positive and inline with where we are wanting to go.

We need to have the lightness of the air element so that we can stay creative and imaginative so that we can really visualize and imagine the next best version of ourselves.

And then finally, we need to have the vastness, the sense of space with the space/ether element to allow us to move into the realm of possibilities so that we can live a life that is beyond our wildest dreams.

When we get this habit of easeful living, life, with all its ups and downs. We don’t get wrapped up in the drama, we can see past the confusion and disappointment and we can go beyond. We don’t ignore the hurt and pain, we don’t pretend everything is all butterfly and roses, but we learn to skilfully navigate our being into a space of calm, serenity and honesty. A place where we can be ourselves truthfully and peacefully. A place where we can just be. Where we can be at ease.

When we understand and work with these 10 habits on a daily basis and automate them so that we can live a healthy and vibrant life things get easier, we create space, we create time, we have more meaning and purpose.

I absolutely love this habit of easeful living and all the 9 habits lead us to this space.

If you’re wanting to go on a year long journey where we travel through working with these habits 3 times in the year, where we make space for yoga retreats and getaways then be sure to get on my calendar so that I can tell you more about my annual program – Shifting from Chaos to Rhythm.

A way to live in rhythm with nature, with the seasons, with your true innate being.

I invite you to join me on this journey. It’s going to be an awesome trip!