3. Yoga Lifestyle

Habit 6 – Self Massage


This is my all-time favourite habit. I ABSOLUTELY love it.

It took a like while for me to find my groove with it. But it’s just the most nourishing, nurturing and intimate self care practice one can do.

We see self massage every where in nature, from mom’s soothing their young by licking them, Penelope the pig absolutely loving the mud bath she gets to take regularly and Vervet monkeys here in the garden spending a lot of time preening themselves and each other.

We’re mammals, our body need touch, we thrive when we give ourselves love and feed/ lubricate it with healthy oils.

This is a practice that comes easily to me, and when I don’t do it, I notice how out-of-sorts I feel. It is the one practice that really helps to settle vata. And for those who know me, know that my vata can sometimes get the better of me.

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Not sure what dosha you are?

There’s a great free dosha quiz on Banyan Botanicals. Click here to go straight through to the link and find out your prakriti and vikriti.

We’ll cover a lot of this in our course as well, but it’s super helpful to know what dosha or combination of doshas you are and what you’re currently experiencing as an imbalance :-)